Muneharu Ota

Freelance English - Japanese Interpreter and Translator

Associate Member of the Institute of Translation & Interpretation, England

         Freelance English / Japanese Translation, Interpretation & Subtitling

Welcome !

My name is Muneharu Ota.

I am a UK based Japanese / English  translator, interpreter and writer of subtitles.

I specialise in the fields of business and finance but also have experience in video, IT, sport, health, arts & culture and nature conservation.

 I am happy to consider anything.

Successfully operating since 2000,

I offer the following services:

* Translation/Subtitling

* Interpretation

* Consultant and Agent


Regular ventures include:

          * Japanese/English translation and subtitling of various media

         * Japanese/English interpretation service for companies, including leading brands, public organisations and private clients, both in the UK and abroad

         * Research, interpretation and assistance to official agencies on fact-finding missions

         * Arranging travel itineraries and accompanying clients visiting UK on purchasing missions  


About me

 I graduated with a Commerce degree from Keio University, Tokyo in 1984 and worked for a trading company. In 1986 I married and re-located to the UK where I worked for a large Japanese investment bank in the City of London and studied for an MBA. In 1999 I left to start my own venture. Since then I’ve offered a purchasing agent service along with English - Japanese translation and interpretation, more recently I’ve also branched into subtitling. I’ve been an associate member of the Institute of Translators & Interpreters for over a decade. I live in Hertfordshire, UK.


Any type of Japanese / English translation and interpretation work considered -


  My aim is to help!